Femur Approaches

Surgical Approaches for the femur bone.

 Posterior Approach to Femur

Posterior Approach to Femur

The posterior approach to femur involves dissection of the posterior compartment of the thigh. Read More
 Anteromedial Approach to Femur

Anteromedial Approach to Femur

The anteromedial approach to femur provides an excellent view of the lower two thirds of the femur and… Read More
 Posterolateral Approach to Femur

Posterolateral Approach to Femur

The posterolateral approach to femur can expose the entire length of the femur. Read More
 Lateral Approach to Femur

Lateral Approach to Femur

Lateral Approach to femur is an extremely quick and easy approach, it involves splitting the vastus lateralis muscle. Read More

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