Orthopedic Approaches is an android app that contains all operative surgical approaches in orthopedic surgery presented in a simple and easy way.

This app is designed for orthopedic resident doctors and specialists who need to be always updated and informed about surgical approaches.

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Orthopedic Approaches App

Orthopedic Approaches contains all surgical approaches in orthopedic surgery, it’s divided according to the regions into the surgical approaches to the:

  1. Shoulder joint approaches.
  2. Upper arm approaches.
  3. Elbow joint approaches.
  4. Forearm approaches.
  5. Wrist joint approaches.
  6. Hand approaches.
  7. Pelvis approaches.
  8. Hip joint approaches.
  9. Femur approaches.
  10. Knee joint approaches.
  11. Tibia approaches.
  12. Ankle joint approaches.
  13. Foot approaches.
Orthopedic Approaches App

Within each section there are all approaches for this region.

Within each approaches, the approaches is divided into:

  1. Aapproaches indications .
  2. The internervous plan.
  3. Anatomical landmarks .
  4. Surgical incision
  5. Superficial dissection
  6. Deep dissection
  7. Approach expansion
  8. Risks of the approach.
  9. And every approach includes detailed pictures.
Orthopedic Approaches App

IOS Users:

For Apple IOS users, they can visit this link: Orthopedic Approaches

App features:

  1. Easy & friendly UI.
  2. The application is completely offline.
  3. The approaches are divided according to the region
  4. Ability to display and enlarge images for each approach.
  5. Special advertisements section for medical and pharmaceutical companies to display their own ads.
  6. You can add an approach that is not in the app by contacting us through the app.

New Update Features:


  1. Mistakes correction.
  2. Some improvements and bugs fixes.

App Information:

  1. App Name: Orthopedic Approaches
  2. Size: 44 M
  3. Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  4. Latest Version: 1.1 – on March 26, 2021
  5. Download Link: Here