Anterior Drawer of the Shoulder

 Anterior Drawer of the Shoulder

What is Anterior Drawer test of the shoulder?

How it’s Performed?

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What does a positive Anterior Drawer Test mean?

Anterior Drawer test of the shoulder considered positive in these situation:

  1. The relative motion between the immobilized scapula and the anteriorly displaced humerus is a measure of anterior instability and can be specified in degrees.
  2. Occasional audible clicking with or without pain can indicate an anterior labral defect.

Sensitivity & Specificity

A study by Adam J Farber 1 for a clinical assessment of three common tests for traumatic anterior shoulder instability (apprehension test, relocation test and  anterior drawer test), he found that anterior drawer test (when pain does not prevent it from being performed) is helpful for diagnosing traumatic anterior instability. The accuracy was as following:


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Anterior Shoulder Dislocation


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