Apley Grinding Test

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 Apley Grinding Test

What is Apley grinding Test?

Apley grinding Test (or Apley’s compression test) is used to evaluate the medial or lateral Meniscal Injury of the knee joint.

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How do you perform the Apley’s Grinding test?

What does a positive Apley’s compression test?

Apley’s compression test is positive if pain is elected on either side of the knee joint:

Sensitivity & Specificity

A meta-analysis by B Ockert 1 to evaluate the value of the clinical examination in suspected meniscal injuries of the knee found that the Apley Grinding test has the following accuracy:

Another Systematic review and meta-analysis by Eric J Hegedus 2 to evaluate the accuracy of three physical examination tests (McMurray test, Apley test, and joint line tenderness), the Apley test has a sensitivity of 63 % and a specificity of 77%.

Modified Apley Test:

Wirth describes a modication of the grinding test (compression test), in which the knee is extended with the lower leg in flxed rotation.

Wirth was able to confirm the presence of a meniscus lesion in over 85% of all cases with this modified Apley test.


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