Barlow Test

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 Barlow Test

What is Barlow Test?

Barlow Test is used in evaluation of Developmental dysplasia of the hip DDH in newborn along with Ortolani test.

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How do you perform the Barlow Test?

Barlow Test
Barlow Test

What does a positive Barlow Test mean?

Sensitivity & Specificity

Barlow and Ortolani Test

The examiner attempts to reduce the dislocation or subluxation using the Ortolani and Barlow maneuvers.

Both tests are designed to detect motion between the femoral head and the acetabulum.

The reproducibility of these tests is dependent on ligamentous or capsular laxity, which usually disappears by the age of 10–12 weeks.

Barlow-Ortolani Test
Barlow Ortolani Test

Galeazzi Test

The patient is supine with the knees flexed 90° and the soles of the feet at on the examining table. The examiner assesses the position of both knees from the end of the table and from the side.

The Galeazzi Test for assessment of femur length is indicated as an additional test for evaluating hip dislocation. However, in such a case there is only an apparent difference in length; the femurs are the same length but one thigh appears shorter due to the hip dislocation.

Note that the Galeazzi test will yield a false-negative result in cases of bilateral hip dislocation.

Galeazzi Test
Galeazzi Test


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