Bear Hug Test

 Bear Hug Test

What is a Bear Hug Test?

The Bear Hug Test is a new special test that is used to diagnose subscapularis tendon tears. It was described by Johannes R H Barth in 2006 1.

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How do you perform the Bear Hug Test?

What does a positive Bear Hug Test mean?

Grading of the Bear Hug test:

Grade 0Normal: absence of pain and grade 5 muscle strength
Grade IIntermediate: pain and grade 5 muscle strength
Grade IIPositive: grade 4 muscle strength

Sensitivity & Specificity

The bear-hug test optimizes the chance of detecting a tear of the upper part of the subscapularis tendon. Moreover, because the bear hug test represents the most sensitive test, it can be considered to be the most likely clinical test to alert the surgeon to a possible subscapularis tear.

Performing all of the subscapularis tests is useful in predicting the size of the tear.

Another study by Márcio Schiefer 2 to evaluate the Bear Hug maneuver for clinically diagnosing subscapularis tendon tears, and compare it with other maneuvers (Lift-off test, Napoleon test and Belly Press test). The Sensitivity was (75 %) while the Specificity was (56 %) and accuracy was (65 %).


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