Belly Press Test

 Belly Press Test

What is Belly Press Test?

Belly Press Test is one of the rotator cuff special tests that is used to check for subscapularis muscle tear or pathology, it’s also called Abdominal Compression test or sometimes a Napoleon test.

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How do you do a Belly Press Test?

What does a positive Belly Press Test mean?

Belly Press Test is positive if the strength of the subscapularis is impaired, maximal internal rotation cannot be maintained, the patient feels weakness, and the elbow deviates laterally and posteriorly under the influence of the latissimus dorsi and teres major muscles, he also tends to flex the wrist to press against the abdomen

Sensitivity & Specificity

A study by Márcio Schiefer1 for clinical diagnosis of subscapularis tendon tears, he found that the Belly press test gave the greatest specificity but low Sensitivity:

Belly Off Test

It’s a new clinical sign for subscapularis muscle lesions.

In this test, the examiner lays the patient’s arm passively on the abdomen in a fully flexed and internally rotated position with the wrist extended. The examiner asks the patient to hold this position.

The belly off test is positive if the patient cannot hold the position, and the hand slips away from the abdomen. In the case of an isolated partial subscapularis tendon tear, this test is usually positive as a result of the preponderance of externally rotating forces.


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