Bragard Test

 Bragard Test

What is Bragard Test?

Bragard Test is used to evaluate nerve root compression of the lumbar spine, differentiating a genuine Lasegue sign from a pseudo-Lasegue sign.

This test was first described by Karl Bragard who was a German orthopedist (1890–1973).

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How do you Perform Bragard Test?

What does a positive Bragard Test mean?

A positive Bragard test is evidence of nerve root compression, which may lie between L4 and S1.

Sensitivity & Specificity

A study 1 to assess the diagnostic accuracy of a Bragard test compared with the straight leg raise (SLR) test in patients presenting with electrodiagnostic evidence of L5 and S1 nerve root compression, the Sensitivity & Specificity of this test was:



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