Cross Body Adduction Test

 Cross Body Adduction Test

What is Cross Body Adduction Test?

How it’s Performed?

Cross Body Adduction Test

What does a positive Cross Body Adduction Test mean?

Dull, deep-seated pain over the superior scapular margin in the supraspinous fossa and posterolaterally on the scapula with radiation into the upper arm can be an indication of compression of the suprascapular nerve under the transverse scapular ligament by distal displacement of the scapula.

Sensitivity & Specificity

A study1 by Efstathios Chronopoulos for diagnostic value of physical tests for isolated chronic acromioclavicular lesions, he compared the three tests (acromioclavicular resisted extension test, active compression test and Cross Body Adduction Test) that is used in evaluation of acromioclavicular joint.

The accuracy of Cross Body Adduction Test was as following:

The study concludes that these tests have utility in evaluating patients with acromioclavicular joint pathologic lesions, and a combination of these physical tests is more helpful than isolated tests.


AC joint
Acromioclavicular (AC) joint


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