Drop Arm Test

Drop Arm Test (or Drop Sign) is used to check for the integrity of the supraspinatus muscle of…
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 Drop Arm Test

What is Drop Arm Test?

Drop Arm Test (or Drop Sign) is used to check for the integrity of the supraspinatus muscle of the rotator cuff of the shoulder.

How it’s Performed?

Drop Arm Test
Drop Arm Test

What does a positive Drop Arm Test mean?

Weakness in maintaining the position of the arm , with or without pain, or sudden dropping of the arm suggests a rotator cuff lesion, most often this is due to a defect in the supraspinatus muscle.

Sensitivity & Specificity

A literature review 1 in MEDLINE was performed for physical examination tests/maneuvers of the rotator cuff tears, and found that drop arm test has the following accuracy:


Related Anatomy

Supraspinatus Muscle:


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