External Rotation Lag Sign

 External Rotation Lag Sign

What is External Rotation Lag Sign?

How it’s Performed?

What does a positive External Rotation Lag Sign mean?

Sensitivity & Specificity

A comparative study by Filippo Castoldi1 to reassessed the sensitivity and the specificity of the external rotator lag sign (ERLS) for diagnosis of supraspinatus tears in a large cohort of patients. He found that the External Rotation Lag Sign is highly specific and acceptably sensitive for diagnosis of full-thickness tears of the rotator cuff, even in case of an isolated tear of the supraspinatus tendon:

Another study by Hertel et al.2 reported 70% Sensitivity and 100% Specificity with this test , but the study had a
potential for bias.


Related Anatomy

Supraspinatus Muscle:

Infraspinatus Muscle:

Rotator Cuff muscles
Rotator Cuff muscles


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