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 Froment Sign

What is Froment sign?

Froment sign is used to evaluate the Ulnar nerve motor weakness due to entrapment at the elbow or at the wrist, it’s used to check the function of the adductor pollicis muscle.

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How it’s Performed?

Froment Sign

What does a positive Froment sign mean?


Related Anatomy

Adductor Pollicis (AP):

The AP arises from two heads:

  1. The transverse head originates from the ventral surface of the shaft of the third metacarpal,
  2. while the oblique head originates from the trapezium, trapezoid, and capitate bones, and the base of the second and third metacarpal bone.

Zancolli and Cozzi4 believe that the oblique head of the adductor pollicis has dual ulnar and median innervation in 35% of cases, whereas its transverse head is practically always (96%) innervated by the ulnar nerve.

Adductor Pollicis anatomy


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