Hornblower Sign

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 Hornblower Sign

What is the Hornblower sign?

Hornblower sign (or as it called Patte Test) is used to test for Teres Minor or Infraspinatus muscle pathology of the rotator cuff (external rotators of the shoulder).

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How do you do the Hornblower test?

What does a positive Hornblower sign mean?

It considered Positive if the patient’s arm falls into internal rotation indicating a tear of the Teres Minor muscle or Infraspinatus muscle.

Hornblower Sign

Sensitivity & Specificity

A study by G Walch 1 on 54 patients operated on for combined supraspinatus and infraspinatus rotator-cuff tears, the Hornblower sign’s Sensitivity & Specificity were as following:


Hornblower Sign

Related Anatomy

Teres minorInfraspinatus
OriginInferior scapulaDorsal scapula
InsertionHumerus (medial ITG)Humerus (GT)
ActionAdducting, internally rotating, extending armProviding stability, externally rotating arm
InnervationLower subscapular nerveSuprascapular nerve
teres minor anatomy
Teres minor & Infraspinatus muscle anatomy


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