Internal Rotation Lag Sign

 Internal Rotation Lag Sign

What is Internal Rotation Lag Sign?

  • Internal Rotation Lag Sign is used to test The integrity of the subscapularis tendon.

How it's Performed?

  • The patient is seated with his or her back to the examiner.
  • The affected arm is held by the examiner in almost maximal internal rotation.
  • The elbow is flexed to 90 degrees, and the shoulder is held at 20 degrees of elevation and 20 degrees of extension.
  • The dorsum of the hand is passively lifted away from the lumbar region until almost full internal rotation is reached.
  • The patient is asked to maintain this position actively as the examiner releases the wrist while maintaining support at the elbow

What does a positive Internal Rotation Lag Sign mean?

  • The Internal Rotation Lag Sign is positive when a lag occurs.

Sensitivity & Specificity

  • Sensitivity: 100 %
  • Specificity: 84 %

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