Lasegue Drop Test

 Lasegue Drop Test

What is Lasegue Drop Test?

  • Lasegue Drop Test is used to test for lumbar spine pain due to spondylarthritis, spondylitis, or disk herniation.

  • It’s also used to assess the sacroiliac joint. 

How it's Performed?

  • The patient is supine.
  • The examiner performs the test on the affected side as in the Lasegue test, raising the leg until the patient begins to feel discomfort.
  • Then the examiner lets go of the leg from this position.

What does a positive Lasegue Drop Test mean?

  • Suddenly and unexpectedly letting go of the leg precipitates reflexive contraction of the muscles of the back and buttocks.
  • It is primarily the iliopsoas that contracts, placing traction on the transverse processes of the lumbar spine.
  • Patients will report pain in the presence of disorders of the lumbar spine (spondylarthritis, spondylitis, or disk herniation) or disorders of the sacroiliac joints


  • For a differential diagnosis it must be borne in mind that Lasegue Drop Test can also intensify visceral pain such as that caused by appendicitis.


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