Lift Off Test

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 Lift Off Test

What is Lift Off Test?

Lift-Off Test (or Gerber Lift-Off Test) is used to check for isolated rupture of the subscapularis tendon of the rotator cuff of the shoulder.

This test was first described by Gerber and Krushell.

Another special tests for tendon is Belly Press Test, Internal Rotation Lag Sign and Bear Hug Test.

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How do you perform a Lift Off Test?

Lift Off Test

What does a positive Lift Off Test mean?

See Also: Belly Press Test

Lift-Off Test Accuracy

The Lift-Off Test has been found to have a high sensitivity and specificity for a tear of the subscapularis1:

Another study by Márcio Schiefer addressed that lift off test has a low Sensitivity (25 %) and high Specificity (92 %) 2 .



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