Medial McMurray Test

 Medial McMurray Test

What is Medial McMurray Test?

  • Medial McMurray Test for Injury to the medial Meniscus of the knee.

How it's Performed?

  • Patient is supine, their affected hip and knee are flexed
  • Examiner cups one hand over the patient’s knee ( palm over the patella and fingers/thumb over the joint line)
  • Examiner grasps patient’s heel with the other hand
  • Examiner slowly extends the patient’s knee, while applying external rotation of the tibia and valgus stress on the knee to assess medial meniscus.

What does a positive Medial McMurray Test mean?

  • Positive Sign: Click or Catch in the extension of the knee. ( A negative test does not completely rule out meniscal tear).

Sensitivity & Specificity

  • Sensitivity: 54 %
  • Specificity: 79 %


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