Milking Maneuver

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 Milking Maneuver

What is Milking Maneuver?

Milking Maneuver is used to evaluate the posterior band of the medial ulnar collateral ligament (Valgus Instability) of the elbow joint.

How it’s Performed?

Milking Maneuver

What does a positive Milking Maneuver mean?

Positive Milking Maneuver if there is apprehension, instability, or pain at the medial collateral ligament origin of the elbow.

Modified Milking Maneuver

A modification of the milking maneuver is performed with the shoulder adducted, maximally externally rotated, and the elbow flexed to 70° as a valgus stress is applied by pulling the thumb.


No diagnostic accuracy studies have been performed to determine the sensitivity or specificity of this test.


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