Mill’s Test

Mill’s Test is used for Lateral Epicondylitis in the elbow, also known as “Tennis Elbow”.
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 Mill’s Test

What is Mill’s Test?

  • Mill’s Test is used for Lateral Epicondylitis in the elbow, also known as “Tennis Elbow”.

How it's Performed?

  • Patient is seated.
  • The clinician palpates the patient’s lateral epicondyle with one hand, while pronating the patient’s forearm, fully flexing the wrist, the elbow extended.

What does a positive Mill’s Test mean?

  • A reproduction of pain in the area of the insertion at the lateral epicondyle indicates a positive Mill’s test.

Sensitivity & Specificity

  • Sensitivity: 53 % 
  • Specificity: 100 %



  • This is the most common tendinopathy, with pain arising from the origin of extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) at the lateral epicondyle.
  • While tennis players may be susceptible, most cases occur in those without a history of racquet use.
  • Sudden traumatic onset is suggestive of an acute tendon rupture that often requires surgical repair.


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