Mortons Neuroma Test

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 Mortons Neuroma Test

What is Mortons Neuroma Test?

Mortons Neuroma Test (or Mulder Click Test) is used To detect the presence of interdigital neuroma (Morton’s neuroma) in the foot.

It’s also called Metatarsal Squeeze Test .

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How do you test for Morton’s neuroma?

Mortons Neuroma Test
Mortons Neuroma Test (Mulder Click Test)

What does a positive Morton’s Neuroma Test mean?

Sensitivity & Accuracy

A Comparative Study1 by Devendra Mahadevan to assess the diagnostic accuracy of 7 clinical tests for Morton’s neuroma (MN) compared with ultrasonography (US) on Forty patients (54 feet), he found that the Sensitivity & Accuracy of Mortons Neuroma Test was:


Mortons Neuroma
1- Plantar digital nerves (terminal branches of the tibial nerve).
2- Pseudoneuroma of the digital nerve in the third intermetatarsal space.


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