Noble Test

Noble Test (Noble Compression test) is used for iliotibial band syndrome that causes pain and frictional  over the…
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 Noble Test

What is Noble Test?

  • Noble Test (Noble Compression test) is used for iliotibial band syndrome that causes pain and frictional over the lateral epicondyle.

How it's Performed?

  •  The patient is supine. The examiner passively flexes the patient’s knee 90° and the hip approximately 50°.
  • With the fingers of the other hand, the examiner gently presses on the lateral femoral condyle.
  • Maintaining the flexion in the hip and pressure on the lateral femoral condyle, the examiner then increasingly extends the knee passively.
  • Once the knee is in about 40° of flexion, the patient is requested to fully extend the knee.

What does a positive Noble Test mean?

  • Noble Test is considered positive if palpable snapping  or localized pain (that is increased with pressure) is elected over the lateral epicondyle of the femur especially at 30 degrees of flexion.


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