Ober Test

 Ober Test

What is Ober test?

How it’s Performed?

What does a positive Ober test mean?

Ober test is considered positive or negative in these conditions:

Sensitivity & Specificity


Related Anatomy:

 Tensor fasciae latae (tensor fasciae femoris):

Iliotibial Band:

The iliotibial band is a thickening of fascia that runs over the lateral side of the femur, it’s also known as Maissiat’s band.

Proximally, it originates from the deep fascia of the thigh, gluteus maximus, and tensor fascia lata (TFL).

Distally it inserts on Gerdy’s tubercle on the proximal/lateral tibia. Proximal ITB function includes:

  1. Hip extension
  2. Hip abduction
  3. Lateral hip rotation.

ITB function depends on the position of the knee joint:

Iliotibial Band Anatomy
Iliotibial Band Anatomy


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