Pelvic ligaments Tests

 Pelvic ligaments Tests

What is Pelvic ligaments Tests?

How it’s Performed?

What does a positive Pelvic ligaments Tests mean?

Pelvic ligaments Tests is considered positive in these situations:

  1. Pain that is caused by stretching the iliolumbar ligament is referred to the inguinal region (the differential diagnosis includes a hip disorder).
  2. Pain caused by stretching the sacrospinous and sacroiliac ligaments is felt within the S1 dermatome from a point posterolateral to the hip as far as the knee.
  3. Sacrotuberous ligament pain radiates into the posterior aspect of the thigh.

Related Anatomy

When ligaments are injured, there is an alteration in the directional forces. If the symphysis is disrupted, but the posterior ligamentous complex is intact, the symphysis will close, that is, compressional forces prevail, hence the rationale for nonoperative management of an APC I injury. The diastasis has been noted to close down over time with mobilization.

When the anterior SI ligaments are disrupted in addition to the symphyseal injury, there continues to be tension on the symphysis resulting in further widening with weightbearing. Surgical intervention is then warranted.


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