Sacroiliac Stress Test

 Sacroiliac Stress Test

What is Sacroiliac Stress Test?

Sacroiliac Stress Test is used to evaluate the Sacroiliac joint dysfunction or pathology, it consists of Anterior and posterior Sacroiliac Stress Test.

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How it’s Performed?

1. Anterior Sacroiliac Stress Test:

Anterior Sacroiliac Stress Test
Anterior Sacroiliac Stress Test

2. Posterior Sacroiliac Stress Test:

Posterior Sacroiliac Stress Test
Posterior Sacroiliac Stress Test

What does a positive Sacroiliac Stress Test mean?

A positive test is one in which the patient’s groin or sacroiliac joint pain is reproduced anteriorly, posteriorly, unilaterally, or bilaterally.


A positive stress test indicates the presence of inflammation, but does not give any information as to the cause.

If the test is positive in a patient who has recently fallen, there is a possibility that a fracture of the pelvis exists.

Sacroiliac joint becomes diseased in inflammatory conditions (seronegative inflammatory arthropathy), infections and fracture-dislocation. Special stress tests and other diagnostic tools can identify the pathology. Turning on bed especially in early morning hours and getting up from bed is very painful. Sometimes there can be pain on weightbearing with hamstring spasm.


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