Special Test Category: Ankle & Foot Examination

Squeeze Test

The squeeze test is also known as the fibular compression test. It is used alongside with the ankle external rotation test.

External Rotation Test

The external rotation test is used to demonstrate the integrity of the syndesmotic ligaments of the ankle joint.

Thompson Test

Thompson Test is used to Identify the presence of a complete Achilles rupture.

Talar Tilt Test

The Talar Tilt Test is used to examine the integrity of the calcaneofibular /deltoid ligament and Anterior Talofibular ligament.

Ramirez Test

Ramirez Test is used for the presence of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Posterior Drawer Test of the Ankle

Posterior Drawer Test of the Ankle is used to test for posterior talofibular ligament injury and/or ligamentous instability of the ankle.

Mortons Neuroma Test

Mortons Neuroma Test is used To detect the presence of Morton’s Neuroma

Homans Sign

Homans Sign is used To test the presence of Deep Vein Thrompophlebitis / Deep Vein Thrombosis

Heel Thump Test

Heel Thump Test is used to determine if there is a tibial stress fracture, evaluate ankle injuries and to differentiate syndesmotic sprains...

Deltoid Ligament Test

Deltoid Ligament Test is used to assess the deltoid ligament using 3 separate passive movements